We intend to hold regular workshops at both the Basic and Intermediate levels to make Energy Medicine accessible to the general public. We can arrange to hold those workshops at your facility.

We also offer weekly 30 minute group classes where participants do the Daily Energy Routine exercises, trace the 12 meridians and 2 vessels, and trace the radiant circuit flows to support the practice of energy medicine while building an energy medicine community.


Energy for Healing sponsors the “quarterly” classes for the first year of the two-year Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEMCP)—now called the Foundations Program. Our first class of 12 students completed their first year of Eden Energy Medicine Certification training in January 2011.

All but one of those students are now traveling to Phoenix to complete the second year and become Certified. At the present time, the second year of certification training is held in Phoenix, Arizona, however, we are all hoping that maybe as early as 2012 the entire two-year certification program will be available here in Kingston, New Jersey. Our second Foundations class has now completed two of the four classes. We hope they will also continue on (in Phoenix?) to gain their Certification so we can continue to build an energy medicine community here in central New Jersey.


Energy for Healing is dedicated to educating people about energy medicine and its benefits. We are available for workshops or presentations at schools, corporations, institutions, and communities to help students, employees, staff, and residents experience greater health and well being and to provide important tools for self-help.


Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine and other energy-based modalities like Reiki, Healing Touch, and acupuncture are just beginning to be widely accepted in healthcare institutions across the United States. Doctors are being certified in acupuncture demonstrating greater awareness of and openess to the relevance of energy medicine. Many times we have worked with medical doctors to find a way to help individuals who are not responding well enough to modern medical treatements. Sometimes the energetic piece is the missing one in the healing puzzle. We enjoy working with medical doctors and find it a great privilege to combine our skills in an integrative way to benefit the individual who is suffering.

We are open to and excited about sharing our experiences and knowledge with other healthcare professionals. We plan to hold workshops specifically for those with professional training – medical doctors, nurses, etc. – who are interested in the potential application of energy medicine in the healthcare setting.

There are also applications for mental health professionals. Already, Energy Psychology has been organized nationally for twelve years (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) to promote tapping and other applications of energy psychology to mental health.