Eden Energy Medicine

Energy healing is the collaboration between practitioner and client to return energy systems to a state of natural harmony and balance which helps restore patterns of energy that promote optimum health.

Initial 2 hour consult and session – $175

60-minute energy healing session ‐ $90

90-minute energy healing session ‐ $140

Includes a thorough energy evaluation, correcting and balancing energy systems, teaching corrective exercises, and assigning homework

We welcome most medical conditions – many have an energetic basis that respond to our work.  Energy work can be safely integrated with modern medical treatments often with significantly positive results.  Energy work helps facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal:

  • Especially important to strengthen the body’s immune system
  • Especially important for medical conditions that do not respond well to medical interventions alone
  • Especially important to help reduce side effects from medications
  • Especially important to strengthen the body before and after surgery
  • Especially important for conditions that have an energetic basis such as:
    • Allergies
    • Arthritis
    • Migraines
    • ADHD
    • Pain and Chronic Pain
    • And countless other conditions