“I just wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me today. It was a VERY informative meeting. You are certainly a credit to the energy medicine world. You are also one the most gentle, kind souls I’ve ever met. You are very sincere about your work and I hope you continue doing it for a LONG time!”

“I could never give you a gift as grand as the ones you have given me. Comfort and understanding at the low moments; joyous encouragement at the high points. The healing you do reaches into the core goodness of a person and draws it out. But you don’t just hand it over at that point – no. You tenderly wrap it in constancy, acceptance and friendship, and offer it like a perfectly wrapped present. Happiest of birthdays again to a wise spiritual counselor and talented healer, whose work and whose very presence is a gift to all of us.

Diana Warren is an amazing lady, I lost 8 friends this year and it took a toll on me.  I reached out to Diana and she brought my energy back.  She is incredible with her work and I have sent many others to her.  She does God’s work, Keep up the great work and Gift that God gave you.  Blessings.

  • Gail Lionetti – Matawan, NJ

Sent: Mon, Dec 12, 2011 12:45 pm
Subject: Gratitude

Dear Diana,

I wanted to share a remarkable experience I had three weeks ago after one of our sessions.  This is important because, for me, it demonstrates the tremendous impact that working with you has had on my health, my spirit, and my life’s purpose.

As you know, I started my career as an ICU nurse, got an MBA and then worked for 20 years in the “hard-charging” corporate world.  I’ve never been truly fulfilled in a corporate role, but could not figure out why.
I was comfortable economically and believe this had a lot to do with being “stuck”.     For over 12 years I’ve struggled with what I really wanted to do with my life “when I grow up”.  My husband, who has always been supportive of my career, has asked about what would make me happy and I’ve replied over and over that I really didn’t know.  I’ve thought about it a lot and became very frustrated (and perplexed) that I could not arrive at some sort of answer.

I came to see you one year ago because I wasn’t feeling well and my physician told me that my physical exam and lab work were all normal.   I was always tired and my allergies were becoming worse, requiring 2 allergy medications and an inhaler daily. I was also highly stressed due to my job responsibilities and mentioned to you that I needed to change my life/career but was unsure about what to do.  I called you not knowing anything about energy medicine, but I was intrigued about what I read about you and hoped that you could help me.

Four months after I started seeing you, I was off all of my allergy medicines and even the inhaler (quite remarkable since I had been taking these medications for over 15 years).  I started feeling much, much better, and began exercising regularly again.  The fatigue slowly went away.

Then, three weeks ago, exactly two days after our session, I had a  true “epiphany” about what I wanted to do with my career.   I don’t know how to describe it but I was sitting in my home office going through some papers when a gentle “knowing” or realization came into me – it was like a very calm but full spiritual insight (what you’ve called an “insertion”).   There was no drama or lightning bolt,  just a graceful, but very clear understanding.   The direction I needed to take was suddenly just “there” – that leadership coaching was what I wanted to do. It was my calling.

In thinking about it, it makes perfect sense based on my career path and my professional strengths.   The realization was so clear that I didn’t feel the need to question it at all. In fact, it was so compelling that within the next 10 days I had evaluated coaching schools, had applied, and was accepted to Columbia University into a class that begins in April of 2012.  The feeling has not diminished at all over time.  It is as strong now as ever. Pretty amazing.

I’ve told my husband and three of my closest friends about how this all evolved.  All responded, with complete conviction, that this is what I was truly born to do, that it was “perfect” for me – and these are all very strong, no-nonsense women (my husband is no pushover, either).  It was so interesting to see everyone’s face light up with enthusiasm -that this is exactly right.

I know this is due to your keen insight and guidance in working with me. You have had a huge impact on my life and have changed me in ways that I could never fully describe.  I am to open to different life experiences – things I would  never have considered before.  It has definitely made me a stronger, more evolved person.

We were meant to meet – in our life’s journey.  I marvel at your intuitiveness and insight and cannot fully describe how very grateful I am for how you’ve helped me.

  • With Deep Appreciation, Julia