About Energy For Healing

At Energy for Healing you will find caring Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners who will carefully assess your various energy systems and teach you how to maintain a healthy energetic foundation through simple daily energy exercises.  They will work to correct imbalances that interfere with your optimal health and functioning.

Using primarily Eden Energy Medicine protocols, practitioners at Energy for Healing will work to optimize the flow, harmony and balance of the nine energy systems identified by Donna Eden in her 30+ years of inspirational work.  These energy systems, which Donna Eden has been able to visually see throughout her lifetime, work together synergistically to maximize physical, mental, and emotional health.  Eden Energy Medicine can easily be integrated with modern medical treatments as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) that can often speed up healing and sometimes enhance the effectiveness of other treatments such as chemotherapy.

Energy Medicine sessions are typically 75 minutes long and usually involve the use of kinesiology (muscle testing) to test for imbalances in specific energy systems.  Clients are asked to use various muscles that indicate the flow of energy in and around the body.  Clients remain fully clothed for each session and will be tested both standing and lying on a massage table.  Energy for Healing practitioners will identify, and with the client’s participation, correct energy imbalances.  Homework, usually in the form of simple exercises, will be assigned to help the energies remain in balance between sessions.  As energies flow in specific and often habitual patterns, it sometimes takes weeks or months of diligent work to change those patterns. The client’s attention to doing the daily energy exercises, known as the Daily Energy Routine, factors positively in promoting change. These simple energy excercises, often completed in 5 -15 minutes daily, can become a way of life for those who are seeking optimal health.

After our years of experience and thousands of hours of professional energy work, we are increasingly confident this wonderful work can benefit many people and promote higher states of health and well being for those who are willing to discover the benefits of energy medicine.