What Happens in an Energy Medicine Session?

by Diana Warren, CMT, EEM-AP & Geoffrey White, EEM-AP
published in New Jersey Holistic Magazine

The focus of an energy session is to identify imbalances affecting energy flow and ultimately health.  Using an energy tracking system, as taught by Donna Eden, author of ENERGY MEDICINE, practitioners determine whether the energy of nine synergistic energy systems exhibit healthy patterns or disharmony.   Each client has their own energy signature and the practitioner begins to establish a picture of how well that signature supports optimal health.

At Energy for Healing, clients receive an initial 90 minute tracking session.  The purpose of the session is to determine what energy systems such as Chakras, Meridians, Radiant Circuits, Celtic Weave, Electrics, Auric Field, Triple Warmer, Five Elements, and more are out of balance and to understand the individual client’s unique energy system.  Using exercises from the Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine, the practitioner and client attempt to correct imbalances in flow during a session.  In subsequent sessions, the systems that continue to show chronic imbalance (after correction and supporting homework done by the client) become the primary focus of the energy work.

Using the exercises from Daily Energy Routine, clients begin to teach their energy systems to flow in patterns that promote health, such as energy crossing over, figure 8’s, or creating a strong aura.  Specific energy protocols are used depending on the client’s presenting symptoms or diagnosis.  For example, when a client presents with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, practitioners focus corrective work on the Electrics energy system which is known to be disrupted in those with these diseases.  When children present with ADD or ADHD, grounding, polarity and Chakra work would be appropriate.  And, when working with cancer clients, the balance of Yin and Yang energies is an initial primary focus.

For example, during an energy session, practitioners use muscle testing to check the spin of Chakras, the flow of energy through the 14 meridians, the strength of the Radiant Circuits, the balance in the Five Element system, the strength and function of adrenals, thyroid and reproductive systems.  When disharmony, lack of flow or strength in a system is determined, that system is corrected using techniques such as acupressure points, tracing or flushing, alarm points, neurolymphatics and neurovasculars.

What is revealed in regular sessions are the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s energy system.  The practitioner assigns homework exercises that support healthy change in the client’s energy.  If the client is diligent, even severely chronic energy imbalances can be corrected over time.  In this way, energy medicine differs dramatically from allopathic medicine.  In energy medicine, the client and the practitioner are in a healing partnership where the client is responsible for maintaining healthy energy balance and flow.  Another difference is we are not seeking symptom relief, we are trying to discern the complex relationships between the synergistic energy systems, the body, the mind and the spirit and how all of those factors are woven into the client’s state of health.

Energy medicine is valuable in that it works on the energy systems in the body which modern medicine has yet to understand.  Progressive medical doctors are already embracing acupuncture, Reiki and EFT.  Energy Medicine is a complement to any traditional medical protocols or treatments.  By restoring the client’s energy balance many modern medical treatments are enhanced.  An example of this is how energy medicine protocols can be used to limit the side effects from chemotherapy.

Geoffrey White and Diana Warren are Eden Energy Medicine-Advanced Practitioners with a practice in Kingston, NJ.  For more information please visit www.energyforhealing.com or call 609-512-1217.


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