Diana Warren, LMT, EEM-AP

Diana comes to Eden Energy Medicine after a long career in the corporate world of senior housing.  Following the unfortunate death of a family member from cancer, she became interested in hands-on healing work.  While attending massage training, a fellow student introduced her to a gifted healer in the Princeton area.  After her own healing using this energy healer’s protocols and her subsequent study under his tutelage, Diana went on to study Reiki and Pranic Healing and in a continuing search for the most effective energy healing methods has now completed the third year (Clinical Praticum) of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. She completed her two-year certification in Eden Energy Medicine in 2008 and will begin the final year of training  – Regression and Grid – in 2012.

Diana now has a lively private practice in Kingston, New Jersey, where she focuses on the needs of women.  She offers a calm, safe healing space where practitioner and client can work together to find a path to greater balance and harmony.  Primarily through the use of Eden Energy Medicine protocols, Diana works to empower women to use energy exercises to create optimal health mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She receives referrals from several Princeton area doctors who recognize Eden Energy protocols as complementary to any traditional medical protocols.

From hormonal issues to depression and anxiety to cancer, migraines, ADHD and pain relief, Diana has successfully used Eden Energy Medicine protocols to help women find a healing path to greater well being.  Under the supervision of an experienced mentor (who can see energy), Diana found the Clinical Practicum year to be a rich and meaningful learning experience that has directly impacted the level of healing work she brings to her clients.