Establishing Inner & Outer Balance in a Chaotic World

NJ Holistic Magazine

by Diana Warren, CMT, EEM-AP and Geoffrey White, EEM-AP

Cultivating peacefulness within begins by restoring balance.  A beginning point for creating balance can be organizing our disorganized energies and using Eden Energy Medicine exercises as tools to unscramble, crossover, and calm our energies.

Calming our energies results in calming our thoughts, our anxiety, our fear, our worry.  With tools such as the Cross Crawl for depression, the Wayne Cook for scrambled thoughts and dyslexia, and Triple Warmer acupressure points for calming our fight, flight or freeze response, we become empowered with significant ways to begin to not only create space so our energies can flow, but to also re-pattern our energies for balance, calm and peace within no matter what is going on around us or even inside us.

Our world offers space that is chaotic and learning to find a calm refuge within is possible.  When we have tools in our energy tool bag that we can take out sitting at a red light, in the bathroom stall at work, working at our desk, or taking a walk during break time, we can begin to create peaceful space wherever we are.  We can easily ground ourselves by taking a minute to hook up our energies.  With one finger in our belly button and one on our third eye, we simply pull up and push up and breathe in and out four or five times.  This simple energy exercise connects our central and governing meridians or vessels which, when connected, help us feel less vulnerable.  These are actually the meridians children – in their innate wisdom – are connecting when they suck their thumbs!

Using our arms to do Figure 8’s in the space around us, known as our auric field, can do wonders for re-establishing a more balanced flow of energy.  This exercise is great for grounding, for strengthening our aura which is our first line of defense in this world, and creating an energy pattern that is vital to healing.  When we experience trauma such as a broken bone, for example, even after healing has taken place on a physical level, Figure 8 energy is missing in the field around that injury.  Restoring the Figure 8 energy is important to bringing back the flow of energy in that area of trauma.

Often we are “out of balance” because our Yin and Yang energies – the receptive and active energies, respectively – are not in harmony.  Yin and Yang balance is helpful when healing from cancer.  Doing the Yin Yang Balancer energy exercise restores a left and right balance to the body’s energies.  Starting in the prayer position at your sternum, you can simply raise one arm up over your head, out to the side, down and back to prayer position while following your thumb with your eyes.  You follow your arm up three times on the left side and three times on the right side and repeat three times down on each side again following your thumb with your eyes.

The book ENERGY MEDICINE by Donna Eden offers a 10 Minute Daily Energy Routine, including some of the exercises noted above, that can start you on a path to balance and greater peace of mind, body and spirit.  Energy is our foundation and balanced energies are key to discovering a higher level of optimal physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  Ninety-nine percent of people who suffer from depression are what Donna Eden calls homolateral – their energies are not crossing over.  Restoring this crossover pattern in our energy field complements any other therapeutic or traditional medical protocol or intervention being used. Children lying on their stomachs and doing the scissors with their legs are crossing over their energies.  On some deeper level, we know what we need with regard to our energy flow to be balanced and healthy.

By adding energy exercises to our daily life, we ensure we are encouraging our energies to flow in harmony and balance, to have space to flow, and to flow in patterns that help us find that deep peace and inner refuge whenever we need to call upon it.  More information can be found on Donna Eden’s web site or the Energy for Healing web site, including upcoming Basic Energy Medicine Workshop dates. Our lives and world may be filled with stress and challenges, but there is hope for creating and maintaining personal balance and inner peace.


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